Cyst Brown, Make Menstruation Hampered?


Cysts Brown, Make Menstruation Hampered?

Endometriosis or often called chocolate cysts are cyst that occur in such small ovarian follicular cysts his case, at this cyst usually does not cause symptoms, except in case of broken and twisted up can result in abdominal pain and distension stiffly. If the cyst is large enough or cysts can lead to numerous discomfort in the pelvis, waist ache, pain associated with sexual also bleeding in the uterus. In patients with ovarian cysts has undergone twisting that can lead to acute abdominal pain.

Endometriosis or chocolate cysts usually arise in the beginning of pregnancy as well as large diameter can be about 5 to 6 cm and produces a bad taste in the pelvic area. If the rupture will bleed on the side in the abdominal cavity. For women who are not pregnant, this cyst disease can make your period to be late and followed by extension and bleeding iregiler. Cyst on the ovary polistitik can also generate non-occurrence of secondary menstruation, there is a decrease in menstrual cycles and infertility occur. Usually the doctor can diagnose ovarian cysts according to symptoms and signs. Physical examination, and there are several types on laboratory tests can also help diagnosis in some types of cysts. (Read: Beware, Cyst Disease Cause Infertility
Cysts Brown, Make Menstruation Hampered?

The cause of chocolate cysts or endometriosis is derived from the peritoneum or the cells of the lining of the stomach. The cause of this could be due to the content of the chronic infection, such as vaginal discharge resulting handled immediately germs enter the lining of the stomach pass through the channel on the ovaries. Such infections can weaken the stomach diselaput durability, which makes your body susceptible to the disease. Symptoms of the disease is so typical causes cysts is associated with menstruation. As you know when you are menstruating, not whole blood can come out of the uterine cavity of the mouth area of ​​your femininity, but there are splashed in the abdominal cavity. Such conditions can stimulate all the damaged cells found in the lining of the stomach resulting in a new disease known as endometrisis. Because the nature of the intrusion is so slow, endometriosis or chocolate cyst is often referred to as benign cancer. Endometriosis can grow in the stomach and then slowly it can spread to the entire organ in the body such as the lungs, liver, intestine, brain, eyes, skin, and muscles of the uterus.

But a place to nest very often is in the ovaries. The shape of the ovaries, which has been affected by endometriosis can develop also grow up big when menstruation comes. So do not be surprised if the patient's symptoms of endometriosis often experience pain when she was menstruating. It is by comparing the ovaries swelled when menstruation. At the time of blood, usually pain will be felt diminished. But if there has been sticking to the abdominal pain may appear so extraordinary. All members of the body begin to head to the calf would be in pain. Most cysts that occur in the ovary is very rarely felt also disappear without ever felt its existence. Symptoms that can occur due to a cyst disease is pain in the abdomen. A good idea to consult with your doctor immediately if you experience symptoms that resemble the symptoms cyst
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