Ovarian Cysts, What Should Operation?


Ovarian Cysts, What Should Operation?

STORY si Rina were agitated when told by a doctor for surgery after suffering ovarian cysts. After consulting with the doctor B and C is getting more agitated and confused because the answer also vary. Some say the need for surgery, but there are said not to. Confused?

That cyst, an organ that is enlarged and contains the liquid, like a balloon filled with water. In women, the most frequent organ is ovarian cysts. No provision whether left or right ovary which often becomes a cyst. In most cases it does not require surgery cysts.
Ovarian Cysts, What Should Operation?

Role Ovary

Every woman has two right and left ovary. Normal size of a walnut. Each ovary contains thousands of eggs were young, often called the follicle. Each month the follicle enlarges and one of them swell very quickly and become a mature egg. In the event of ovulation, a mature egg is out of the ovary and moves into the uterus through the fallopian tubes. If the mature egg cell is not fertilized, the follicle will shrink and disappear within 2-3 weeks and will continue to be repeated according to a woman's menstrual cycle. If there is an interruption of this cycle process there will be what is called a cyst.

Type Cysts

There are 4 kinds of ovarian cysts. Functional cysts, dermoid, chocolate (endometriosis) and gland cyst (cystadenoma). Until now still not known how the cyst. Usually grow very slowly and frequent malignancy in the age over 45 years. Of the four cysts is the most widely and frequently shrink itself in line with the improvement in the hormonal balance is a functional cyst.

Most cysts without symptoms and is known by chance at a doctor's office. According to experience, knowing it suffered ovarian cysts usually during check-up or any other cause.

It can also be symptoms typical for ovarian cysts and is strongly associated with the type of ovarian cysts.

- Functional cysts. Often without symptoms. Symptoms of pain when accompanied by complications such as twisted or broken, but this complication is very rare. Functional cyst is the most common and very rare in the two ovaries. He can shrink itself within 1-3 months.

- Dermoid Cysts. These cysts occur because of tissue in the unfertilized egg. Then grow into some tissues such as hair, bones and fat. Cysts can occur in two ovaries and are usually asymptomatic. Symptoms of pain if the cyst is twisted or broken.

- Chocolate cysts (endometriomas). Occurs because the lining in the uterus (which is usually peeled off during menstruation and look out of the pubic such as blood), in the uterus but not attached to the outer wall of the ovary. As a result of these events each time period, the coating produces menstrual blood, which will continue to accumulate and become cysts. These cysts can be on one or both ovaries. The main symptoms are pain, especially during menstruation or sexual intercourse.

- Kistadenoma. Derived from wrapping ovarian cysts that grow into. This type of cyst can also attack the right and left ovary. The symptoms are usually due to an emphasis on the body around like a bladder that can lead to a kind of '' beser ''.

Are Danger?

One of the dangers to be feared is that if the cyst becomes malignant. Although not all cysts easily become malignant. Based on theoretical studies, functional cysts are the most common and very rarely become malignant. Instead cyst denoma rare but easily become malignant, especially at the age of 45 years or less than 20 years.

Another danger is that if the cyst is twisted. This event will cause severe pain and require emergency action to prevent cysts not to break. If the cyst to rupture can lead to things that are very dangerous for people.

Doctors action

If the doctor says you are suffering from ovarian cysts, then ask your doctor possible types of cysts. Although still a possibility, steps to estimate this type of cyst becomes very important, because it determines the follow-up. (DR. Dr. RM Widjajanto, SPO
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