Vigilant, disease Cysts Cause Infertility


Vigilant, disease Cysts Cause Infertility

You often complain because of pain in the abdominal area to spread to the lower abdomen. Could it be that you are experiencing network stretching due to enlargement of the cyst? What is a cyst, what danger to your health? Naturally, if you are wondering with it. Moreover, many of the myths surrounding the spread of cysts in people who do not get a scientific explanation. In this occasion, we will introduce to you the cyst disease. Diseases that are always linked with infertility.
What is a cyst?
Vigilant, disease Cysts Cause Infertility
Cyst is a disease affecting the female reproductive organs, cystic form and containing viscous liquids, the liquid may be pus, air or other materials. Also found in some cases of patients with cysts in the form of wine. The cyst is a type of benign tumor that is often found in women wrapped in a sort of membrane tissues. Tumors of the female reproductive or better known as cysts cause swelling area affected by the tumor.

Growth can be categorized as malignant tumors and benign tumors. Enlargement and tissue cysts cause pain to the sufferer, in certain cases the pain can be caused by bleeding in the twisting of the cyst or cysts that disrupt blood vessels around.

Based on the spread and damage cyst malignancy distributed into two;

1. Non-neoplastic cysts

a. Benign
b.Lump shrink and disappear
c. Does not require surgery because usually within 2-3 months can be cured

2. Neoplastic Cysts

a. Is dangerous
b. Requires surgery
c. Operations are conducted in accordance with the size lump found on the ovaries

Usually the patient experienced a history of similar disease cysts seen from the family tree as a mother or grandmother suffered similar symptoms. Cyst was discovered after an ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, or anatomical examination. As for those of you who feel the health problems especially related to your reproductive organs.

Note, if the beginning of the cyst? Here are the symptoms that occur because of the cyst disease:

1. Irregular menstrual periods
2. The occurrence of breast shrinkage
3. Obesity
4. Acne grow with unusual (much)
5. Excessive Hair Growth
6. The hormone insulin in the body is reduced

What really causes infertility?

Cysts were left without medical treatment will be harmful to women's reproductive health. This disease does not indiscriminately attack anyone in the age category. In general strike women in the 20-30 age category. Cysts are allowed to spread will disrupt your health, especially in the hormone system that affect your menstrual cycle. If allowed to drag would be at risk of developing endometrial cancer, high darag pressure, risk of diabetes and breast cancer.

In patients who have severe will cause infertility, this was due to the inability of the egg with a good channel. In addition, there are several other problems that cause women is hard to get a baby as a failure of ovulation due to the removal of cysts is done repeatedly. Repetitive operation will cause the ovaries damaged and an infection in non-mature follicles.

A good idea to take precautions to improve diet, so you can eat healthy foods contain fiber and low in fat. With a high fat content of foods will cause your hormone disruption. Keeping psychological, because the hormone depends on the soundness of your mind. Prevention can then do with avoiding smoking and doing regular exercise. Thus cyst, not attacking you.
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